Your Wedding Photography Questions answered
Questions about booking and what you get
What packages do you offer?
I don't really do packages. Every wedding is different and unique to you. The best thing is to fill in the enquiry form, check the availability of your date and give me some details on your plans for the day and I can tailor the coverage to your needs. That said, there are two main options to consider as a starting point. The Classic Coverage and the Extended Coverage. More on those below. Once you have decided on your level of coverage, you can add any of the following options to complement the wonderful photographs of your day.
Second Photographer
Engagement Session
Main Wedding Album
Matching Parents Albums (single or set of two)
Event Books
Mounted Prints
If you would like more information on any of these options, follow the link below to receive my full information brochure
What’s the Classic Coverage?
The Classic Coverage typically includes photographs from your preparation in the morning until you sit for your meal in the evening. This usually begins 2 hours before the ceremony time and ends when you sit for your meal. It includes approximately 7 hours coverage.
What is Extended Coverage?
The Extended Coverage includes the Classic Coverage plus photographs of the speeches, any in-meal entertainment, your first dance and a few songs after and lots of pictures of people having fun, dancing and maybe even being a bit naughty ;-). Bear in mind that it is a long day for us and we normally take a break and eat while you and your guests are also having your meal.
Do you do shoot shorter days or have reduced coverage options?
Absolutely, tell me about your plans in the enquiry form. Include as much detail as you can such as venues, timings and thoughts and I’ll send you some options and a quote.
Do you have an assistant or second shooter?
I generally work alone but a second photographer is available on request at additional cost if the need arises. It is quite possible to cover the full day with one photographer but sometimes if you have a large wedding with multiple locations, a second photographer will help cover the events more thoroughly. I work with several talented colleagues who have a similar style and personality but as we are all busy professionals, advance booking is essential.
How many photos do you take?
It depends on the length of coverage you choose but can be up to 4,000. I take lots of pictures on the day so all the little details are captured and I’m always on the look out for those happy moments to capture in a natural way.
How many photos do I get?
Again, it depends on the length of coverage but can be anywhere from 400-800 or more sometimes. Quality is far more important than quantity.
Are my photographs watermarked?
Your pictures are only watermarked when you view them online. Your final, printable images DO NOT have a watermark.
How will my photographs be delivered?
Your pictures are delivered fully processed, via a beautiful & secure online web gallery where you can download, browse or share your photos online or with family and friends. Through this gallery, you or your family can also quickly and easily order prints in a range of finishes to be delivered straight to your home if you wish. You also get a selection of highlights from the day, ready within a few days of the wedding and presented in a beautiful and easy to use Mobile App (great for sharing and showing while out and about or on your honeymoon).
Can I print my photographs myself?
Yes, absolutely. You can download all your pictures from your gallery and print them wherever and whenever you wish in any size or finish.
How long before I see some photographs?
I will have a set of highlights ready for you within a few days of the wedding. These highlight images are delivered in a Mobile App that you can download to your phone or tablet and also in the online gallery for sharing or printing. The rest of your photographs are typically ready within a month. It can take a little longer at busy times of the year such as Christmas/New Year and July/August.
Do I get an album?
If you would like one, sure. A wedding album is a family heirloom and should be created and manufactured to the highest quality to last a lifetime. If you do choose to add a wedding album, all my albums are handmade in Italy and are available in a range of styles and colours. It is best to discuss your options in person and I can show you some sample albums and explain all the options. The standard Albums are 30x30cm in size with 30 pages and can comfortably accommodate 60-70 images. You select your favourite images from your gallery and I do all the layouts personally. Additional pages and size upgrades are available too. Matching parents albums or bridal party keepsake books are also available. Albums are optional and you don’t have to get one. Many people decide to get one afterwards and that is no problem. They are billed and paid for separately at the time of ordering.
Do I need to pay a booking deposit?
Yes. A 10% non-refundable booking deposit is necessary in order to secure your date. The balance is due anytime in the month preceding your wedding or on the day itself if you prefer.
Is there a contract?
Yes. This covers all the basics for both you and me. It details all the information you need, confirms the date of the booking and sets out what you do and don't get. 
How do I pay?
The process of booking is all done online for convenience. I send you the contract and invoice and if you are happy with everything, you can pay your deposit via bank transfer. A receipt will be issued once payment is received.
Questions about the process and the day
What time do you arrive?
I aim to be with the bride for an hour and a half to two hours before the ceremony time. I will also take in to account travel time if your preparations are some way from the ceremony location. If feasible I would photograph the groom and groomsmen before that.
What time do you leave?
With the Classic Coverage I finish after you have been announced in to the room for your meal and taken your seats. This is typically no later than 6.30pm. With the Extended Coverage, I leave two or three songs after the first dance up to a maximum of 10.30pm, usually once the first wave of boogying has died down a bit.
Do I need to make any special arrangements for your arrival?
No sir-ee! Aside from having things like the dress, jewellery, shoes, flowers etc. available to us in the morning you don't need to go to any trouble. In fact I do my best work when left to my own devices. I have been known to put a dress or shoes in unusual places for a quirky shot. Usually when I turn up I will spend a few minutes looking around and getting ideas while your make-up or hair are being finished.
Do you travel?
Hell Yeah! All over Ireland and all across the world. I love travel and I love photography and combining the two always inspires new and creative work. If you are getting married abroad and would like me to photograph your adventure, hit me up on the enquiry page and let's chat. If you are planning on travelling to Ireland for your wedding or engagement and would like an experienced photographer to help with location scouting, planning and preparation, just let me know your plans and we can take it from there.
Do you eat?
Weddings are super fun days but super busy too for us photographers and videographers. After a good breakfast, we might not see another morsel until you guys sit for your meal, when we take a well earned break. You are not obliged to, but we do always appreciate if you feed us separately from the main wedding party in the same hotel or restaurant so we don't have to travel out too far. At that stage we are fairly beat and need to recharge the batteries for the dancing to come.
What if I want certain photographs to be taken?
Thats cool. Shot lists are great but most of the pictures taken on the day are candid, documentary style photographs of you and what is happening around you. Of course family and group portraits are also photographed according to your wishes and I find shot lists are great for making sure you don't miss any important combos. You can send them to me in advance or we can discuss them when we meet in the weeks leading up to your wedding. 
What about family portraits?
Families come in all shapes and sizes. Some family groups are smaller than others, some too big altogether, but weddings are always the perfect occasion to capture some great family portraits. You can send me a shot list (more on that below) if you wish or we can just get through them on the day but either way, it helps to set some time aside for them and agree a location beforehand. We would discuss your requirements beforehand and make a plan A and a plan B.
When do I get to the reception?
Every wedding is different so it is impossible to say. A lot depends on how important photographs are to you and your day and the venue for your wedding too. If you want those epic shots with beaches or mountains or forests we may have to plan to travel a bit. If your venue has it all then happy days, but apart from travel time, as a general rule, you could set aside 40-60 minutes for bridal party and couple photos.
What if my day does not follow a traditional plan?
That's no problem either. There are no rules for your wedding day. I have photographed couples at breakfast, arranged first looks, shot bridal parties and couples before their ceremony, headed straight out of the church after the ceremony to catch the perfect light at the perfect spot and even done couple sessions after dark so suit yourself and I'll make it look awesome.
Questions about me
​​​​​​​How do you do what you do?
The is the million dollar question eh! Only joking, it's simple really, I love what I do and I have fun doing it. I believe that the best wedding pictures come naturally when you are having fun and enjoying yourself. Helping you do this is a big part of my job as a wedding photographer. It's your wedding day and it is important you enjoy every moment of it. So you'll get no fuss from me, just good preparation, chilled vibes and beautiful pictures. My preferred style is creative documentary. I shoot what I see and what happens on the day and I always have an eye out for a creative image.
How long have you been a wedding photographer?
I shot my first wedding 12 years ago. It was a friends wedding in Mount Juliet Estate. It was a baptism of fire in some ways and a great eye opener. Since then I have photographed hundreds of weddings all over Ireland and abroad. Constantly evolving my style and pushing myself creatively is what I love about wedding photography and what keeps me coming back for more. I purposely limit the amount of weddings I shoot in a year to avoid my pictures becoming boring or too similar. The last thing you need on one of the most important days of your lives together is someone just showing up and going through the motions.
What inspires you?
Since I was a kid I have loved National Geographic magazines. The adventure, the science, the travel and exploration and of course the photography. It was my dream to be a Nat Geo Photographer. My first camera was a fully manual Pentax film camera. It was a parting gift from an employer in the US and it travelled around the world with me for years. Cutting my teeth with a manual film camera where you only had probably 36 shots in a roll of film and often had to wait weeks to see if you had a good picture, thought me about the patience needed for photography, how to pick the right moment to push the trigger. I may not have fulfilled that Nat Geo dream yet, but I bring the inspiration of those incredible stories and pictures in to every image I make.
I love colour and texture, unusual composition, and pictures that make you stop, even for a split second and say... oooh, that's nice.
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